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The Mighty Eagles!

Archer Eagles

Welcome classmates of the class of '72. Glad you stopped by to reunite & re-connect with the class of '72! By visiting our class website frequently you will keep in touch with classmates & learn about events & activities planned for our class.

Please Enjoy Your Visit!

In February 2009 several of our classmates got together & decided to create this website to keep us connected. Please share this website with other class of '72 classmates & visit often as we're working hard to keep information current & interesting!

Some activities our classmates have considered doing include fundraisers to offer scholarships to deserving students from the now "Harper-Archer" & adopting a family for Thanksgiving & Christmas. We welcome your ideas & look forward to staying in touch with each other.

July 20th meeting has been replaced with a Yard Sale (See Event Tab)

When:  July 20, 2013, 9am - 4pm 

Where: 2889 Treadway Drive
            Decatur, GA 30034


We will strive to make our lives and the lives of those around us an asset to all mankind.

To support and serve our community. To value, respect and support each other.

Welcome to the Eagles Nest!

The Eagles want you to help us grow, tell other classmates about our website!!!

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